The Team

Charlie McVicker

Charlie is an senior at the Putney School and has been writing code in Python, RUST, Java, C#, and other languages for years. Last year Charlie become interested in TensorFlow, Deep Learning, and Artificial Intelligence.  After a great trip out to Google Next to learn about the latest breakthroughs available to programmers in the cloud, he is working away on a digital notary, associated with buzzwords like “blockchain,” “digital signatures,” “serverless,” and “verifiable anonymity.” When he is not crunching numbers, Charlie enjoys music, running, and Star Trek.

Jake Smith

Jake is an senior at Long Trail School and has just completed a second year as a Codex mentor. He enjoys playing guitar, writing music, and hiking. His coding experience includes working in the Construct 3 framework.

Wesley Dennan

Wesley is a 10th grader at Long Trail School. He enjoys coding as well as hiking, biking, skiing, and Frisbee. His technology experience includes one year middle school coding class, a ‘boot camp’ learning about AI and fractal visualization, and teaching Codex last summer.

Luke Choi

Luke is an 9th Grader at Long Trail School who’s already completed his second year coaching Codex. He got into coding because he thought the after school activity he signed up for was a secret spy program. He enjoys playing and making video games, math, and watching sports. His experience includes a few years of after school class, one year of middle school class, and many hours of messing around in various programming languages.

Joe McVicker

Joe has been designing computer systems for 30+ years.  His experience includes solutions for medical, legal, finance, education, public sector, and non-profit industries.  Today he works on projects with the latest Internet technologies while leveraging unique perspective from the early days of networked computing. Joe graduated from Middlebury College in 1987 and has been spending time in Dorset for 40 years.  The McVicker family moved to West Road full-time in 2014.