The Team

Charlie McVicker

Charlie is a 10th grader at Long Trail School and has been writing code in Java, C#, and other languages for years. Recently Charlie has become interested in TensorFlow, Deep Learning, and Artificial Intelligence.  He is updating his BitCoin forecasting algorithm to use a recurrent neural network (no, I’m not kidding).  When he is not crunching numbers, Charlie enjoys piano, guitar, skiing, League of Legends, and Star Trek.

Simon Clark

Simon is a 12th grader from Wayland, Massachusetts who loves computers and computer science. He has been programming in Java over the past year, coding several cool games in his AP Computer Science class. One of his favorite projects is a game of connect four that can be flipped upside down. He also volunteers for a small food pantry and helps them organize their files and spreadsheets. When he’s not coding or volunteering, Simon enjoys Counter-Strike, tennis, or sleeping in.

Joe McVicker

Joe has been designing computer systems for 30+ years.  His experience includes solutions for medical, legal, finance, education, public sector, and non-profit industries.  Today he works on projects with the latest Internet technologies while bringing unique perspective from the early days of networked computing.

Currently Joe is a founding partner and Information Security Manager at Altvia, a software company specializing in solutions for private equity and venture capital firms. Joe graduated from Middlebury College in 1987 and has been spending time in Dorset for 40 years.  The McVicker family moved to West Road full-time in 2014.